Tell Me a Story…

When new visitors come to your website you have 3-5 seconds to convince them to stay. This doesn’t sound like much time, but if your website and content are well designed and engaging it’s more than enough. This is where knowing your target people really well comes into play. Attractive colors, appropriate images and attention grabbing

headers are the first step—but what does your header say?— and is the rest of the content written in a way that makes your new visitor want to “turn the page?”

A technique that can be successful with businesses that rely on relationships is to employ storytelling. This is particularly true of service-based businesses. What pain are they trying to solve? What do you have in common? Why are you in this business? Why and how can you help them? And what does opting in with you look and feel like?

If you can capture their interest in those first few seconds long enough to begin to read, there are those who will read a well-crafted website through to the end of the story. Those that stay with it to the end are highly likely to become your clients if your website has done it’s job of assisting with getting them to know, like and trust you.

To your business success!

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