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Social Networking and your Tribe

Where does your tribe socialize? Every business is concerned with their target market and getting to know them really well. This knowledge makes it easier to focus marketing dollars, as well as in making decisions about what products and services to offer.

Enter social networking. Is your tribe hanging out on Facebook? Perhaps they are more professional and more likely to prefer Linked In. What about Google+ or Pinterest? If they are up on the latest trends and conveniences they might be more likely to be on Twitter—unless your crowd refuses to get a SmartPhone.

The point is, especially if you are short on time and resources, rather than stressing about getting your business page up on Facebook because everyone else is doing it, first take a long look at whether that is where your people are. It is possible that local networking groups or specific industry-oriented forums might provide a more direct point of contact. Consider doing a survey of your current favorite clients. Wouldn’t it be great to have more just like them?

Start with one social networking site and get that one figured out so that you are comfortable with it as a part of your routine. Then pick a second one and work your way through your list of priorities one at a time. Remember that the objective is to interact with your tribe on a regular basis. If you are too busy to do this you should reconsider your strategy.

To your business success!

Why Twitter?

When you think about Twitter, do you throw up your hands in overwhelm? Most business owners I speak with tend to echo this, saying that they just don’t understand it, discounting it as fluff. I felt the same way until I attended a presentation by Laura Fitton ‘@pistachio’ at Webvisions in Portland, Oregon in 2012. Her “Whither Twitter” talk was a revelation for me. I recommend taking a look at the slides viewable here: http://www.slideshare.net/pistachio/whither-twitter-12989237

I suspect that the 140 character limit contributes to the thought that Tweets are too short to be anything important, and that they must all be in the category of trivial announcements like “I am having cereal for breakfast.”

To the contrary, each little Tweet has the potential to spread farther and wider than larger posts, spreading like little seeds in the wind. Each tweet is essentially a miniature website with it’s own url, it lasts forever, and because they are short, the likelihood of them being read is good. They can also contain links to other pages with larger content. Their size encourages immediacy, thus lending themselves to events, emergencies and political actions—as well as little nuggets of helpful tips and tricks that encourage others to “follow” the writer. When you offer good content it gets passed along, building your traffic and growing your tribe. It is also considered good etiquette to follow those who follow you, increasing the likelihood that they will remain in your tribe. Tweets can be written in advance and scheduled for posting, relieving concerns about the potential for distraction. Consider the mighty Tweet!

To your business success!

Social Media 101: Why Is This Important, Anyway?

The majority of small business owners I speak with are struggling to incorporate social media into their marketing. The general attitude is one of overwhelm, saying that they can’t imagine how to fit it in. You might be able to relate to the solopreneur who told me that if I could explain to her why it is so important, then she would give it a try. Here is my take on this.

Referrals have always been the best source of new business. My eye doctor runs a third generation practice and knows this. He proudly declares that “all of their business is through referrals and that they will never advertise online.” He is missing an important point. Social Media is the new face of referrals. “Word of mouth” now has the ability to spread farther and faster through online networks of friends. Likes, shares, tweets… the click of a button can bring your business to the attention of hundreds or more, an exponential increase over what a coffee meeting or lunch can do, and in a fraction of the time. This is free advertising that will be available online forever. —Can anything else you are doing beat this?

Once someone knows your business exists, you can go about the process of helping them to get to know, like and trust you. This is your recipe for creating a client or customer.

To your business success!