• Customized Responsive WordPress Websites

    Tailored to present as authentic a representation of you, your tastes and your business as possible.

  • The “Storytelling Package”

    We work together to present your Unique Story in a way that will speak to your Ideal Clients, and then design your new website around your story. We then incorporate the telling of your story into the structure of the site itself, leading site visitors through it, providing them an opportunity to get to know you in the process. This isn’t for all businesses, but for service-based ones and where relationships are important it can be very effective.

  • Web Strategy Coaching

  • Website Analysis & Web Marketing Strategy Reviews

    These can be helpful if you have a website which is not delivering the results you expect, you have been a shaky “do-it-yourselfer” or maybe it’s overdue for an update. I provide a detailed analysis of what I see as strengths and problems and give you Action Steps for improvement. This makes it much easier to prioritize changes, and gives you the option of either hiring me or someone else to make the changes, or moving forward with greater confidence as you do it yourself.

  • Logos, Branding Packages and Custom Avatars for Print & Web

  • Monthly Service Packages

    I offer monthly site maintenance, backups and ongoing tweaks. These can be customized to include strategy sessions for other web marketing needs.

  • Custom Graphics

  • Fillable .PDF Forms

Feel free to ask about “web-ish” and creative things that aren’t here because if I can’t do it I may also have partners to recommend as well.