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Introducing Tractor Cats!

Tractor Cats logo

Grand Opening!!!

This is late in coming and past time for me to introduce Tractor Cats to the world. (Attention cat lovers, the farming community and puzzlers!)

To see how this all began, please watch this mini-YouTube video: Meet Zorro

like & share it, hopefully subscribe to the channel, then

visit the Tractor Cats website! and take a look around. (there are some great puzzles, t-shirts, mugs & more…!) The plan is for it to grow, and any help I can get with launching it will be greatly appreciated.

Have a Great Day!

Know, Like and Trust

That becomes a familiar mantra when you are networking for your business, especially if your business is service-based. When people are thinking about how to spend their money the actual decision making is often very emotional, in spite of any time spent doing research.

It is human nature to prefer to do business with those Continue reading

Will the Real WordPress please stand up? WordPress explained

There are two different sides to WordPress, so it is understandable when people are confused. Before sorting this out, allow me to explain what WordPress is.

There are many different content management systems (CMS) available for websites, one of which is WordPress. It is the most popular type of website in the world, and at the time of this writing the ones hosted on alone number 62,602,685, Continue reading