Attracting More Flies With Honey…

Are you offering visitors something to encourage them to opt-in for your services, mailing list, or…? Giving site visitors some incentive to return and/or view you as a trustworthy expert is an important factor in converting them into clients. With busy schedules and the overcrowded inboxes of today, there really needs to be something that

makes your viewer say “I want that” to get them past their resistance over taking the time to opt in.

This is commonly referred to as your “offer” and should be something quick and easy for you to fulfill, and not something that would be a financial hardship. This of course varies with the business, but some possible ideas include CD’s, a special report on a related topic, a free session, a discount on a product or service, an inexpensive solution to a pesky problem, or a ticket to an event—or perhaps free admission for a guest.

Thus a “win-win” solution—the offer makes your visitors happy because they get something cool for free, while you are rewarded by a growing list of prospects to nurture until they are ready to become clients and customers.

You can also have more than one offer. For example, when I wrote this my offer was for the Web Clarity tips series, but at some point I plan to offer a contest with a much juicier prize. Use your imagination and ask yourself what would be easy for you to give that your people would want to receive.

To your business success!

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