The Truth about ‘About’

You’re on Candid Camera! Why you? What makes your company stand out from the competition. How are you going to present this difference to site visitors who may not be familiar to you? They need to get the message that your company is the one to meet their needs. Part of this job is done through

choosing colors and other website design elements that are consistent with your business brand.

However, the often misunderstood “About” page is often running in the other direction. It is not at all unusual to read about the history of the business, a list of credentials, specialties, etc—all of which is really about you. This is all good information, and it all has it’s place on the website. The piece that is often overlooked is the human element that tells your viewer that you “get” them, that you are the one who can provide the solution to their special problem.

The real job of the About page is to be all about them—if you make your About text all about providing the solution to their problem, and explain why this problem is of special importance to you it will be much more effective. This is often referred to as “telling your story,” where you and your prospective client turn out to have a shared experience that will make choosing you the right choice.

Just as there are clients who are a perfect fit for you and your business, from their perspective you need to become their ‘go to” destination for your type of service or product.

To your business success!

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