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Who Do You Love to Work With? Who is your target market?

— and is there more than one? What are their demographics, behavior, needs? The better you are able to think like they think and walk in their shoes, the more successful you will be at attracting and serving them. Your content needs to be tailored to speak to them.

This may seem elementary, but it is surprising how common it is to find business owners who haven’t fully considered this. With websites viewers are often expected to jump through a series of hoops that may not work for them. An easy example is if a website has small grey type on a white background it would probably be a bad fit for a business targeting the elderly. Or if teens are your target market your website would be wasted on them if it were a webpage completely filled with paragraphs of text. There are many factors to consider, and it all starts with knowing your tribe!

A business coach I know suggests that in addition to demographics we ask questions like
⁃ What would be in the bottom of their purse?
⁃ What apps are on their SmartPhone?

Once you are clear about your target market you will find that your marketing is easier and more cost effective.

Now take a look at your website and ask yourself if it’s message and content is in tune with your target market and their needs.

To Your Business Success!

Are You Ready?

—or are you getting ready to be ready?

As small business owners it only stands to reason that we want our business to be as perfect as possible. The logo and branding should all look professional and serve as an authentic representation of our products, services and our individual spin. All of the marketing—website, emails, videos, business cards, signage, packaging, promotional brochures…a list that is capable of growing out to the horizon, needs to match our branding, have wording that is just right—and that can be done and redone repeatedly if our confidence is even slightly in question.

The products and services themselves need to be developed just “so” or they too can fall into the do and redo loop. Then there are the behind the scenes systems like bookkeeping and contract, setting up your office so we can find things… I am sure you get the picture. If we aren’t personally guilty, we all know plenty of others who are.

It is easy to criticize or poke fun at a business that’s not doing it all perfectly. The point that gets missed though is at least they are doing it.
They may not “wow” as many customers as they would like, but by getting out there and making a start they are gaining in both experience and confidence, learning from their mistakes, improving over time.

Imperfect action is better than none.

To your business success!

Welcome to the Web Clarity E-Marketing Tips Series

The Web Clarity series is for you if you have or will have a small business or health practice and you are having trouble getting started or un-stuck with your website or online marketing.

Maybe you have tried doing it all yourself, or perhaps you decided to let your nephew or brother-in-law take care of it for you. How has that worked out?

Between the website itself, the search engines and social media, not to mention e-commerce, there is enough to do, know and keep track of that anyone who isn’t a web professional is justified in feeling overwhelmed.

The series will cover beginner’s basics, updates on new changes, tips and tricks to save time and hair pulling, and recommendations for products and services that might provide some relief. If you have comments or questions I encourage you to post or email them and I will make sure they are addressed, either individually or in one of the weekly tips.

To your business success!

The Neglected Blog of a Changing Business!

…and so it is that many months later I return to the blog, totally guilty of not practicing what I preach! Since the last post I have learned so many things about running a business that they never tell you. A business coach quote worth repeating: “Starting a business is like going for an advanced degree in self improvement.” Amen. I will probably blog about part of that later because many of those I serve are dealing with the same start-up obstacle course. The planned tip series is still in the works, and is destined to appear both here and as the basis of a resource guide.

Those who have commented (& not been published) about link services can stop promoting. In spite of the fact that it would help with my marketing, I have intentionally held off on optimizing and building links to this site because the whole business is changing and I needed to wait until I knew what it was going to look like on the other side. Now I can say that Findable Design will continue, but as a subdivision of sorts of a larger entity, and serving as the educational division, also specializing in devoting some extra TLC to alternative healthcare practitioners and creatives.

Future posts should start coming at shorter intervals now that I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I look forward to serving as a translator of sorts to help small business owners feel a bit less overwhelmed about the jungle that is known as internet marketing.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Web Clarity

Practicing What I Preach — About My New Business

Greetings and thank you for stopping by. This marks the formal soft launch of my new business. This website will undoubtedly change as as time allows and the business grows. As any new business owner knows, the ‘to do’ list for a start-up is long, and it all wants to be done at once. My challenge is to do everything I know that needs to be done in a timely fashion, setting a good example for current and future clients.

Over time this blog will share tips, resources and new discoveries related to all things web — planning, branding, design, search engine optimization, WordPress, social networking… the length and complexity of the list should be explanation enough for why you are feeling overwhelmed if you have chosen to do your own website when your business is something entirely different. Anything that might help to reveal the “wizard behind the curtain” for solopreneurs and small businesses is fair game as a topic. I have a number of things in mind, but please feel free to request a topic and I will gladly address it.

Your website should be the star of your internet marketing strategy. It should also function like a trusted partner, doing it’s share to generate business contributing to the success of your business. Here’s to a successful New Year!

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