Are You Ready?

—or are you getting ready to be ready?

As small business owners it only stands to reason that we want our business to be as perfect as possible. The logo and branding should all look professional and serve as an authentic representation of our products, services and our individual spin. All of the marketing—website, emails,

videos, business cards, signage, packaging, promotional brochures…a list that is capable of growing out to the horizon, needs to match our branding, have wording that is just right—and that can be done and redone repeatedly if our confidence is even slightly in question.

The products and services themselves need to be developed just “so” or they too can fall into the do and redo loop. Then there are the behind the scenes systems like bookkeeping and contract, setting up your office so we can find things… I am sure you get the picture. If we aren’t personally guilty, we all know plenty of others who are.

It is easy to criticize or poke fun at a business that’s not doing it all perfectly. The point that gets missed though is at least they are doing it.
They may not “wow” as many customers as they would like, but by getting out there and making a start they are gaining in both experience and confidence, learning from their mistakes, improving over time.

Imperfect action is better than none.

To your business success!

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