Welcome to the Web Clarity E-Marketing Tips Series

The Web Clarity series is for you if you have or will have a small business or health practice and you are having trouble getting started or un-stuck with your website or online marketing.

Maybe you have tried doing it all yourself, or perhaps you decided to let your nephew or brother-in-law take care of it for you. How has that worked out?

Between the website itself, the search engines and social media, not to mention e-commerce, there is enough to do, know and keep track of that anyone who isn’t a web professional is justified in feeling overwhelmed.

The series will cover beginner’s basics, updates on new changes, tips and tricks to save time and hair pulling, and recommendations for products and services that might provide some relief. If you have comments or questions I encourage you to post or email them and I will make sure they are addressed, either individually or in one of the weekly tips.

To your business success!

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