Lights! Camera! Action!

When visitors come to your site what do you want them to do? Do you simply want to present information or would you like them to be able to sign up for things? Or perhaps purchase something, leave comments, watch an instructional video…? Planning things like this in advance saves on costly changes later.

One of the most common mistakes

that website owners make is to not place a clear “call to action” on their home page. Simply having contact information like your phone number and email present is not enough. A button instructing visitors to “Sign Up Here” or “Schedule an Appointment” helps to increase the likelihood of them taking the desired action. The bigger and bolder, the more likely it is that it will demand enough attention to get results. Sadly, this is a case where “ugly sells” is likely to be true.

Also take a look at where your call to action is placed on your site. It could be in a different location on your home page, but it should be on every page, and above the “fold” so that site visitors don’t have to scroll down to be able to see it.

To Your Business Success!

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