Back To Basics—What Is a List?

One of the reasons I offer business coaching as part of my services is that I have observed a lot of small business owners are missing some of the basics. In addition, when new developments like social media are added to the mix, it is easy to lose sight of those basics even when

they are present.

There is a saying, “the money is in the list,” that I believe dates back to when traveling salesmen were commonplace. They understood that if they kept a list of all of their contacts, whether they were people met in coffee shops, new prospects referred by people they knew, current or past customers—any and all—and then cultivated them over time, that would be where their best and most reliable customers would be. It is difficult to emphasize this enough—the importance of taking the time to build relationships, giving others time and opportunities to know, like and trust us, because it is human nature to prefer to do business with those we already know.

When a client pushes back and tells me they don’t think they need a list it is generally because they have current clients and are taking the short view. They are missing the point that consistent business success is often dependent upon things like their list, permitting them to prosper during times when money is tight.

To your business success!

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