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Have you maintained your WordPress site?

This week a client presented me with an object lesson in why it is important to keep your WordPress website updated.

Her site was built over three years ago. Up until last week it had a single post in her blog page announcing the new website, never a good sign. Since being built it has only been updated 2-3 times, and the last time well over six months ago. She has been resistant to monthly service but can never remember how to even log in for herself.

After she referred a new client to me I offered to give her a complimentary half hour to update the site and hide the neglected blog page. I was greeted by a website that was on the verge of self-destructing.

Research revealed that her theme is no longer being maintained by the designers and, between that and a few other potentially obsolete plugins, the whole website is on the way to being incompatible with the current version of WordPress. This created a perfect storm where I was unable to even access the Admin panel. I was able to save it by doing some surgery on it at the server level, but this will be a temporary fix. She is looking at some major work that could have been avoided or, at the very least, have been scheduled at a more convenient time. WordPress is constantly changing, requiring themes and plugins to keep in step. Regular maintenance by you or someone else is your best insurance!

In Appreciation of Clients

My business is at a point where I am appreciating how each client teaches me something new, or reminds me of something I had pushed to the back of my brain.

In the last few weeks two of my clients reminded me how important it is that we like what we do. After all, the point of having our own business is to be doing something we enjoy and believe in. Otherwise, we are just creating another J.O.B.— with quite possible longer hours and fewer benefits.

Something that is important to keep in mind is the importance of maintaining flexibility. You may have it in your head that something should be done in a specific way. If this doesn’t work with that particular client’s processing style, holding firm could make for a rocky project. If, on the other hand, you adjust your approach to something more accessible to the client you have the opportunity to have the dual wins of thrilling the client and adding to your own offerings for the future.

Having clients we like, and where we can mutually enjoy the process of working together and learning from one another is a blessing. It is also a great way to receive validation that you are on the right track with your business.