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What is a squeeze page? (and does this matter?)

When you go to a website and are greeted by a page with the sole purpose of making an offer of some sort, that is what is called a squeeze page. There are two types— “hard” and “soft.” With a hard squeeze page the only way past it is to give your information. These are generally reserved for signups for events or classes. The soft squeeze may be a popup or a whole page. It asks relevant questions to get the visitor’s attention and then gives them a choice of either signing up or bypassing it.

Many marketers are resistant to using a squeeze page, thinking they are sleazy or too “sales-y” but the bottom line is that they work. One of the most important assets to your business is your list.

In an earlier Tip I wrote about the value of having a “freebie” to offer to website visitors. This is your appetizer, an “ethical bribe,” if you will, to offer in exchange for their contact information. The purpose of this is to build the list. You are trying to start a relationship with people who have given their permission because they would like to hear what you have to say and learn more about what you can do for them peut on se procurer du viagra. This all goes back to the “know, like and trust” factor that can turn prospects into fans. The squeeze page helps to tie this all together, increasing the likelihood of someone giving you a chance.

To your business success!

Autoresponders Are Your Friend

Have you ever signed up for something online and then immediately received a follow-up email? Welcome to the world of autoresponders. They enrich the user experience by making the web more interactive and, in the case of a small business, they help to reassure those who opt in for your products or services that there’s someone on the other end of that button they clicked alternative viagra avis.

Many online services offer autoresponders—Constant Contact, MailChimp and InfusionSoft are examples. The basic process is for someone to fill out a form on your website, offering something like a free CD, a teleseminar or a newsletter signup. After they click “submit” an email acknowledging them appears in their inbox. There is usually a short message thanking them for signing up, along with an explanation of what comes next—the shipment of a package, another confirmation email, the details of when a webinar will be held… But that’s just what the site visitor sees.

On the back end, the real beauty of a service with an autoresponder is that each person who fills out the form gets added to a database holding all of your contacts. This is also referred to as your list. This eliminates added steps like manually adding them to your Contact list in your email client because it is all done automatically, saving your time over and over again. Once their name is in your database it is possible to send other messages, or even initiate a bulk mailing, all with the objective of nurturing your contact list for the future. Pretty cool, huh?

To your business success!