Findable Design, LLC
Commercial Services:
We offer a comprehensive email solution for businesses and entities who wish to have more privacy control over email and communications.

It is well known at this point that bulk email providers (yahoo, gmail, etc) are all using your email communications to provide income to their organizations by sampling (i.e. reading) your email using computers and realizing possible linkages between your text and their advertisers....

The Ads in Your Email are the Proof of these methods!
Solving for a lack of privacy and concerns for business communications, we offer
Dedicated Email Solutions for Your Business
  • Use Your Existing Domain Name or Select and Register a New Domain Name.
  • Any Number of Email Accounts can be provisioned for a Domain Name.
  • Many User Options are provided which allow maximum flexibility and usage for Your Email Service.
  • Fixed Cost of Operation including Technical Support (based on number of accounts active in any month)
  • On-line File Storage is available to help share your company's marketing materials and other attachment related content
$129.00 per year includes up to 6 email accounts and complete setup!
Less than $1.80 per user, per month, including support!
Additional user account setup fee is $5.00 per account.
Additional user email account (7 or more) is $2.00 each per month, including support!
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